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Wood flooring is a plank or block of flooring that has been made out of real hardwood.  You can find many different types of wood flooring, including different species of wood, fitting types, plank sizes and flooring structures.  Wood flooring can sometimes be confused with laminate flooring.  Laminate flooring actually contains no real wood and is a synthetic floor covering, rather than natural hardwood.  Real wood flooring will either be made from a solid piece of wood or have a real wood top layer with a plywood base.

Solid wood flooring has been made from one solid piece of wood, taken from a tree and machined into a plank of flooring. It is often more expensive because of the amount of hardwood used.  It is also not as versatile as engineered wood flooring.  Solid wood flooring must be fixed down during installation, cannot be laid over an underlay and cannot be used with underfloor heating.

Engineered wood flooring has been made from a top layer of real hardwood and base layers of plywood.  The structure of engineered hardwood flooring means that it is more stable and versatile than solid wood.  Engineered flooring can either be fixed down or floated over an underlay.  It can used with underfloor heating and in rooms like conservatories, where the temperate and humidity fluctuates.

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